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    On the spectrum?


    I use the ADOS 2 and the ADI-R tests, representing the internationally recognized “Golden standard”.


    The autistic diagnosis could make sense of your feelings of atypia, your specificities, your struggles, and your sensitivity. It can help you to find peace of mind and a well-grounded and a well-balanced life.


  • Therapy

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    Therapy for neurodivergent and

    non-English native


    Life is not always easy, living abroad or being neurodivergent can be complicated sometimes. We can experiment difficulties, stressful events, and distressing or traumatic experiences.

    This can plunge us into questions, fears, stress, panic, or intense emotional distress and distance us from ourselves, our balance, and our general well-being.

    Having your own space to be listened to, supported, guided, encouraged, and reassured will allow you (among other things) to take a step back, put meaning and words in order to overcome traumatic experiences, (re)learn to take care of yourself and others gently, (re)find a feeling of peace and balance in line with your needs and values.

  • About me

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    I'm a French psychologist. I initially specialized in supporting elderly people, particularly those with neuro-degenerative pathologies (dementia).

    I then moved to England (Manchester) in 2014, where I learned different approaches.

    I am recognized as a counseling/clinical psychologist by the HCPC.

    I'm now specialized in diagnosing and supporting neurodivergent people, especially on the autism spectrum.


    As an activist for inclusive and caring psychology, I welcome everyone with their struggles and sensitivity. Trauma-informed, I do not work with the notion of psychological pathologies, nor with a notion of fixed time (we can explore the past, present, and future according to your needs).

    I'm working on a well-balanced and well-grounded mind to have a good quality of life.

    My tools

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    Tools used to help you overcome your emotional distress


    Motivational interview

    Compassion-Based Therapy

    PTMF (Alternative Approach to Psychiatric Diagnoses)



    Psychologies used to help you make sense of your story

    Feminist psychology

    Evolutionary psychology

    Intercultural psychology

    Systemic psychology

    Psychology of trauma

    Psychology of neurodiversity

    My Values

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    • We have different parts and emotions within us, we may enjoy some and struggle with others. All of these parts and emotions have a right to exist and are welcome in therapy.
    • You are not the problem. You are not sick or crazy, what happened to you and how you reacted to it is not your fault.
    • We are all human, doing the best we can with the resources available to us at the time of the experience (internal and external).
    • Feeling safe and connected in relationships with others is fundamental to our well-being; we are social beings by nature.
    • Being authentic takes courage 
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    I offer a free 15-minute Zoom call to meet you.






    +44 7474 316 879